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Propecia is not a cosmetic product which helps to make hair stronger and improve their growth. It is a high quality medicine which provides an action to the cause of the hair loss – a surplus of the sexual hormones in men.

Due to the surplus of the sexual hormones

Due to the surplus of the sexual hormones, i.e. dihydrotestosterone, men experience the androgenic form of alopecia. It is related to the fact that dihydrotestosterone affects the hair follicles, making them poorly produce hair, and it gradually leads to failure to produce hair. Due to this, men have heavy hair loss.

Buy Propecia Online

(1, 5 mg pills)

The main active component of Propecia is Finasteride which lowers the concentration of dihydrotestosterone recovering a complete functioning of the hair follicles and stopping the hair loss.

After the complete recovery of the hair follicles functions the hair growth is restored, and the entire hair is restored completely in the areas of alopecia in about 3-4 months.

Hair grows slowly, and therefore it is rather difficult to tell about the results earlier than in 3-4 months. But it happens that the medicine is prescribed for the longer term – 1-2 years, and that is why, if you decided to purchase Propecia, it is better to buy several packs at once with pills in order to save money.

You may buy Propecia in the unlimited amount in the online pharmacy, it is convenient and beneficial.

Directions for the use

Propecia is prescribed for the treatment of the androgenic alopecia related to the hormone disorders. In case of other types of alopecia this medicine is ineffective because it does not remove the causes of the pathologic changes which are not related to the surplus of dihydrotestosterone.

Usage and dosage

To treat alopecia Propecia should be taken every day regardless of the meals, with a full glass of water. It is required to take 1 pill of Propecia 1 mg a day.

The increase of the dosage is allowed in case of the inefficiency of therapy with Propecia 1 mg within 2-3 months. If there are no results in 3 months, the dosage is temporarily increased up to 5 mg of Propecia a day.

As soon as hair is not lost, and there is an initial stage of the hair growth, the dosage is lowered up to 1 mg of Propecia a day.

It is pointless to take Propecia in the higher doses because it will not lead to more expressed results.

Side effects

The side effects of Propecia appear rarely because Finasteride contains the male sexual hormones and it does not cause negative reactions from the side of the body.

The side effects may be purely during the increased sensitivity to Finasteride. In this case, the man may have poor volume of the seminal fluid, reduction of libido, and erection worsening. But it is related to the pharmacological activity of Finasteride and the side effects do not have the irreversible effect.

The side effects completely pass after the end of Propecia usage.

Interaction with other medical products

In the course of the clinical study of Finasteride the expressed medical interaction of the active component with ACE inhibitors, alpha-blockers, beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, nitrates, diuretics, and blockers of the histamine receptors are not noticed.

Apparently, Finasteride does not interact with other drugs, and therefore there is no need to terminate the therapy of Propecia in the setting of the application of other medicines.

Buy Propecia 5 mg Online

Brand names: Appecia / Finotop / Proscar / Fincar / Finpecia / Finax / Finast /
Active ingredient: finasteride
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Brandon, 40 y.o,  Chicago

I've been taking Propecia for 6 months already. Hair grows fast. The drug is cheap but it is very effective, I recommend it.

Christopher, 48y.o,  LA

I bought Propecia in online pharmacy. I bought 4 packs at once for several months. The treatment goes successfully, the hair loss is stopped. Now, new hair grows. The doctor said that the therapy gives a result and I will have beautiful hair in 6 months.

Andrew, 50y.o

Hair loss started 2 years ago. I at first tried shampoo and ointments but nothing helped. I was recommended Propecia 6 months ago. I take 1 pill per day and do not do additional hair care. The result is amazing. I have achieved more effect within these 6 months than using shampoos and ointments within one and a half year.

David, 63y.o

Propecia is a hormonal drug but I haven't had any side effects during the use. The drug really works and it is safe. I don't like my baldness, and therefore I will buy Propecia every month and take the pills. Moreover, the pills cost cheaper in the online pharmacy.

Ryan, 46y.o

There are no pharmacies selling Propecia in my small town. I decided to place an order in the online pharmacy for the first time. The shipping was fast. I thought that it would take longer period. I tracked my package on the website within a week, and then a courier called and asked me where to bring my package to my house or at work. It's great. Thanks.

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