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Cytotec increases the resistance of the mucous membrane of the stomach to the action of the harmful factors: alcohol, irrational meals, stress, antirheumatic and analgetic drugs (NSAID).

The main active component of the drug is Misoprostol. It favors the inhibition of the production of the gastric juice stimulated by meals as well as at night. It provides the increase of power and frequency of the intestinal muscle contractions.

Cytotec starts acting right after the usage inhibiting the work of the receptors which produce hydrochloric acid. Accordingly, it is better to take the drug directly before meals and before going to bed. The therapeutic action of Cytotec lasts for about 4-6 hours. The reduction of the production of hydrochloric acid leads to healing of ulcer affections of the mucus of the stomach and intestine, reduces the painful sensations of ulcers, and allows to lower the quantity of the relapses of the ulcer diseases.

To prevent the ulcer disease of the digestion tract, you may buy Cytotec and take it without prescription during special stress situations, or inability to keep to the diet.

In Europe and the USA Misoprostol (Cytotec) is often used to terminate pregnancy on the early terms. It provides the action not only to the intestine muscles but also it stimulates the contraction of the smooth muscle of myometrium and dilates uterine cervix.

Directions for the use

Cytotec is successfully used to treat and prevent erosion and ulcer disease of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Also, Cytotec is prescribed to terminate pregnancy on terms up to 42 days. As a medical abortion Cytotec is used in combination with mifepristone.

Usage and dosage

Cytotec is taken orally, 2-4 times a day. The last use of the pill should be before going to bed. The qualified doctors recommend to divide the daily dose to 4 equal uses because the drug action does not last more than 6 hours.

The optimal daily dose is 600-800 mcg. The adjustment of the dose is possible in the process of the treatment depending on the intensity of the side effects and the therapy results.
Patients suffering from renal failure or increased sensitivity to Misoprostol are recommended to take not more than 100 mcg a day.

To terminate pregnancy Cytotec is used on third, final stage of the medical abortion. Before taking this drug Mifepristone is used. Yhen, Cytotec is used 400 mg under the supervision of the doctor in 2 days. In a couple of days, miscarriage happens. In 5-7 days after abortion, it is needed to have an examination of gynecologist and have sonography.

If you decided to buy Cytotec for the medical abortion, consult a doctor by all means and make sure of no contraindications.

Side effects

The side effects of Cytotec appear often, but they are weakly expressed and are not dangerous for the health.

Cytotec may cause flatulency, vomiting, stomachache, nausea, diarrhea, or constipation, painful or long and heavy menstruation, bleeding  from uterus not related to the menstrual cycle.

If the side effects do not pass in a couple of days after appearance, it is needed to go to a doctor and stop the use of the pills.

Interaction with other medical products

Brand names: Cytotec, Misoprostol
Active ingredient: Cytotec
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Evan, 40 y.o,  Austin

I ordered Cytotec without prescription, to reduce the painful sensations during the ulcer attack. It helps well and quickly. Cytotec never lets down, everything works as mentioned in the instruction.

Kaylee, 23 y.o,  Denver

I bought Cytotec for my father who has the stomach ulcer. I decided to buy Cytotec via the Internet because there was no prescription. They helped to make the order and gave a discount. The quality of the pills is not worse than in the city pharmacies. The father takes Cytotec for 2 years, there is nothing better to treat the ulcer disease.

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