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Clozapine is an antipsychotic product which differs from the traditional neuroleptics.

Clozapine gives a fast and expressed sedative effects, and provides the antipsychotic action in patients with schizophrenia resistant to the treatment with other medical products. In these cases, Clozapine is more effective to relieve positive and negative symptoms of the schizophrenia, mainly, in the course of the short-term studies.

The pharmacological action of Clozapine is conditioned by the inhibition of dopamine, serotonin, and muscarine receptors. Due to the regulation of the concentration of these receptors in the body the psychomotor agitation, anxiety and aggression are arrested. The patient becomes more calm, his/her emotional condition is improved.

The antidepressive effect of Clozapine is manifested in 2-3 weeks. Also, Clozapine provides general myorelaxing action, and regulates sleep.

Directions for the use

Clozapine shows a very strong therapeutic effect as to the receptors of the central nervous system and brain, and therefore if you decided to buy Clozapine and take it for the different mental disorders, it is needed to consult a physician.

Clozapine is mentioned for patients with schizophrenia, maniac condition, and depressive psychosis, and also different acute mental disorders.

Usage and dosage

The use of Clozapine is started from the minimal dose of 50 mg per day. The pills should be used once a day, before going to bed preferable. The optimal therapeutic action is gained during sleeping, and the patient experiences the improvement of the sleep quality.

Gradually, within 1-2 weeks, the daily dose should be increased up to 200-400 mg per day. Clozapine 200 mg should be used in 2 uses, and the daily dose of 400 mg of Clozapine should be divided into 3-4 uses. It will help to reduce the probability of the side effects and make the therapeutic effect more stable.

Prescribing Clozapine children the daily dose should not exceed 100 mg.

In case of the renal, hepatic, and heart failures, patients are not prescribed the maximal dose. In case of these chronic diseases, the daily dose should be 50-100 mg.

The cancellation of the medicine must be gradual in order to lower the probability of the withdrawal syndrome. The medicine is cancelled within 2 weeks, by gradually lowering the dose every 3-4 days by 50 mg.

Side effects

If you decided to buy Clozapine, it is necessary to pay attention to the side effects. Usually, the negative reactions appear at the beginning of the tablet usage, and pass. If the intensity of the side effects is increased, it is needed to turn to a doctor.

Using Clozapine headache, sleepiness, confusion, anxious sleep, depression, tachycardia, arterial hypotension, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, and heart burn may appear.

Interaction with other medical products

Clozapine is not recommended to take with:

Brand names: Clozaril, FazaClo, Versacloz, Clopine, CloZAPine Synthon, Denzapine, Zaponex, Leponex ,Clozaril, Sizopin, Lozapin
Active ingredient: clozapine
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Brianna, 30 y.o, Washington

I've been taking Clozapine for 2 months. No side effects were noticed but the conditions was suddenly improved. I had better sleep, it is more deep and calm. The excitement symptoms are gone, psychosis rare apper.

Jayden, 41y.o, Wyoming

I took Clozapine for about 4 months. Very effective medicine. Before it I took the analogues but they didn't help. Clozapine started acting in 2 weeks after the beginning of the treatment. I recommend it.

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