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Avodart is a trade name of the active component Dutasteride. It is one of the strongest inhibitors of 5-alpha reductase enzymes which play a great role in the formation of dihydrotestosterone.

There are processes of the transformation of testosterone into more active form dihydrotestosterone in the male body. As soon as the level of dihydrotestosterone exceeds the normal rates it stimulates the division of the cellular elements of the glandular tissue of prostate causing their active growth which leads to the development of prostate adenoma.

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The pharmacological action of Avodart consists in the blocking of 5-alpha reductase enzymes as a result of which the concentration of dihydrotestosterone is reduced and there is a natural reduction of the cellular elements of the glandular tissue of prostate.

In other words, the growth of tumor is terminated which leads to the reduction of the prostate inflammation and normal functioning of the entire urinary system.

The maximal effect is reached in one-two weeks after the beginning of the medicine usage. The therapeutic effect of Axodart directly depends on the dose, and that is why, if there are not results in 1-2 weeks of the treatment according to the clinical conclusion of the doctor-urologist, the dose is usually increased.

The drug favors the reduction of the sizes of the prostate gland, the urination improvement, and reduction of the appearance of the risk of the urine delay in the acute form.

Directions for the use

Avodart is prescribed for the symptomatic treatment of the benign hyperplasia of the prostate gland.

It is required to buy Avodart in case, if you and your doctor made sure that the tumor of prostate is not morbific. In other case, another treatment is needed. Also, Avodart may be bought and taken in low doses for the prophylaxis of prostatitis if there is a high probability of second appearance of the symptoms of hyperplasia of prostate.

Usage and dosage

Avodart is released in capsules for the oral use which contain 0,5 mg of the main active component – Dutasteride.

The optimal dose of Avodart is 1 capsule – 0,5 mg a day. Capsules of Avodart 0,5 mg should be entirely taken without chewing and breaking the cover.

Avodart 0,5 should be used every day within 5-6 months. It is not recommended to exceed the everyday dose, and therefore if you forgot to take 1 capsule, do not take 2 doses at once next day – it will not give the result.

In 6-month-course-treatment the doctor-urologist should examine the patient and estimate the efficiency of the therapy. The further treatment/prophylaxis of prostatitis depends on the results of the Avodart action.

Side effects

Due to the reduction of the concentration of dihydrotestosterone in the blood in the setting of Avodart treatment low libido, impotence, gynecomastia, and ejaculation disorder may happen.

These side effects are reversible and the erectile function and libido are completely restored after the end of Avodart usage. In case of gynecomastia the increase of the breast is possible, and therefore if you feel swelling of breast or painful sensations in the breast during the use of the medicine, it is needed to consult a doctor.

Interaction with other medical products

Buy Avodart 0,5mg Online

Brand names: Avodart, Tridesun, Avidart, Avolve, Duagen, Dutas, Dutagen, Duprost
Active ingredient: dutasteride
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