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Antabuse is a trade name of the active component disulfiram which is used in the treatment of the alcohol abuse.

treatment of alcoholismThe pharmacological effect appears due to the ability of Antabuse to case changes in metabolism of alcohol, in particular ethyl alcohol.

Ethyl alcohol is converted into aldehyde in liver, and then – enzyme oxidoreductase into acetate. Antabuse changes the process of metabolism of ethanol, stopping the metabolism on the first stage. Ethyl alcohol is not converted into acetate but it remains in the form of aldehyde.

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Aldehyde is accumulated causing such toxic effects as hyperemia of face, tachycardia, nausea, vomiting, headache, and short breathing.

This way, Antabuse causes the conditioned reflex rejection of alcohol due to which patients quickly lose the desire to drink and are cured of the alcohol abuse.

According to the data of some scientists Antabuse gives good results in the treatment of alcoholism due to the potential fear of patient to take alcohol after the consumption of the pills and not due to the caused changes in the body during the consumption of alcohol. Moreover, the patients often have the physical addiction to Antabuse because the therapeutic activity of the drug is reduced and the adjustment of the everyday dose is required.

Directions for the use

Antabuse is prescribed for the treatment of chronic alcoholism only.

Disulfiram is ineffective in the treatment of the drug abuse because it does not impact the metabolism of the narcotic components coming to the body.

Usage and dosage

Before buying Antabuse the patient should approach the treatment consciously. Only this way it is possible to gain the results. The action of Antabuse is reversible and if the patient wants, he/she may quit drinking at any time and return to the alcohol consumption in several days. Therefore, if you decided to buy Antabuse, it means that the treatment should be stable and prolong, without breaks.

The pills of Antabuse may be used in 2-3 days after the final consumption of alcohol, so that the toxic component could leave the body.

The initial dose of Antabuse is 500 mg a day (2 pills). The pills should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, with a glass of water.

As soon as the expressed therapeutic effect and desire to drink are reduced, it is possible to lower the everyday dose up to 250 mg a day (1 pill of Antabuse).

In case of the prolonged use of Antabuse pills 250 mg the insignificant increase of the daily dose may be needed in order to maintain the high therapeutic effect.

Side effects

Oftentimes, the side effects appear as a result of the interaction of Disulfiram with alcohol.

In this case, patients may experience the following side effects: metallic taste in the mouth, neuritis of the optic nerve, asthenia, headache, faint, dizziness, allergic reactions, disorder of the heart rate, stenocardia, edema (including brain edema).

In case of the prolonged use the patients may develop the depressive condition or other diseases of the central nervous system.

Interaction with other medical products

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Brand names: Antabuse
Active ingredient: Disulfiram
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Antabuse really changes the life. I take this drug for a year. The effect is fantastic. At first the strong side effects happened but these were the consequences of alcoholism. Then the desire to drink was completely gone. Now I take Antabuse for the prophylaxis in low dose. buy Antabuse UK!

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I started taking Antabus pills. I didn't take it for a couple of months. Then I took 50 g of whisky, and I had a feeling that I took a liter. I had high pressure, headache, nausea. Now I cannot even look at the counters with alcohol. There is an effect but you should be careful.

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I always thought that the pills cannot help to quit drinking. But I couldn't treat alcoholism. As a result, I was persuaded to buy antabus. And I can say that it worked. It really killed my desire to drink, and after a reaction to alcohol I won't drink anymore. I don't want to experience it again.

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